The Victim Did Not Cause the Drama

Did you know that the HR executives at NBC had their offices in the middle of the newsroom staff–and those offices were glass?

How comfortable would you be, going to file a complaint about a co-worker if you had to do so in a glass office? If you were going to complain about sexual harassment from the company star, say, Matt Laurer, would you feel comfortable doing so in a glass office, where people could see you? 45 percent of us report crying at work, reports my Inc. Colleague, Heather R. Huhman. Might you feel like crying if you had to report something traumatic? Might you not want to do that in a glass office?

Might you be afraid of causing drama by reporting something? People see you walk in, cry, and walk out. They know something is up. Even if the HR manager pulled the blinds,  it’s all kinds of obvious.

But, here’s the deal. The reporting employee isn’t the cause of the drama. The harasser is. In this case, Matt Lauer caused the drama. But we don’t see that.

So many people (especially women) are afraid of causing drama so they keep their mouths shut when they would prefer to speak up.

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