Watch: ‘Deadpool 2’ Characters With More Meaning To Them Than You Realized

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Warning, there are spoilers for Deadpool 2 ahead.

Now that the anti-hero’s sequel has hit cinemas, it looks like Ryan Reynolds, who plays the masked vigilante, can finally take a much-needed break from his hectic promotional activities.

If you’ve the film and have little knowledge about the new characters introduced in this film, entertainment site Looper is here to help you out.

“True to the spirit of everyone’s favorite regenerating degenerate, Deadpool 2 doesn’t hold back on the violence, profanity, and fourth-wall-breaks, taking everything great about the first movie and turning it up to 11,” opens Looper inside the video.

“In that vein, Deadpool 2 also introduced a ton of new characters, and then… well, let’s just say there are plenty of spoilers ahead. Some of those new characters carry a lot of weight in the comics… and a few have even saved the world once or twice. Let’s take a look at all the characters in Deadpool 2 who mean more than you realized…”

For easy reference, here’s the lineup according to time stamps inside the video:

0:29 ‘Zeitgeist’

1:48 ‘Bedlam’

2:52 ‘Vanisher’

3:41 ‘Black Tom Cassidy’

4:31 ‘Russell’

5:26 ‘Domino’

6:01 ‘Hope Summers’

6:56 ‘Yukio’ and ‘Shatterstar’

If you caught the five post-credit scenes in Deadpool 2, discover what they mean here.

[via Looper, image via video screenshot]


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