Why printer spreads? Why me?!!

So, after a huge costly screw up at the in house printer they want printer spreads for the booklet I produce.

We have been using them for a couple of years now with no problems like the one we had last.

No one with half a brain was watching the press and the page orde was serously messed up. The pages are numbered. The project manager was furious and tried to get them to for the emergency reprint at another printer.

So the solution, was to make me give them 2 up printer spreads. They fuck up – I get extra work.

It’s anothr process to learn to get right that adds to production time and fodces me to change my process for ad placement — which is my biggest issue with this.

I haven’t ever been asked to do this by commercial printers. My question is: Am I being punished for having a coworker who tends to rip people a new one when they fuck up?!

They say “everyone else does it”. And they are professionals so I doubt there would be a concerted effort like this just to avoid thewrath again. Have I been living in a bubble of printers being able to create their own imposition for my whole freaking professional life (one of which was a mag with on site printing press!!!)?!

TLDR; in house printer fucks up. Now they want printer spreads from me.

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