Workers Indicate Need for More Education and Guidance on Health Care

A new survey conducted among 1,100 American workers reveals their need for education and guidance when it comes to their healthcare benefits.   The survey, conducted by Zogby Analytics on behalf of WEX Health, a healthcare financial technology platform provider, sought information about how consumers view and engage with their healthcare benefits by asking workers about their employer-sponsored health insurance, decision-making processes, healthcare spending habits and challenges, and preferred tools for learning about plans.

The survey found that consumers could use additional help understanding their benefits and guidance for cost-related decisions.  For example, respondents reported that their biggest challenges in using a high-deductible health plan was determining how much money to put in their account and setting aside enough money to cover deductibles.  They also expressed that they could use assistance with finding cost-effective healthcare services as well as managing bills.

Meanwhile, survey responses indicated that many consumers aren’t aware of some of the benefits of their health savings accounts (HSAs).  Notably, many respondents indicated that they didn’t realize HSA balances can be carried over to succeeding years. And most were not aware that they could invest their HSA funds in stocks and other investments, according to a press release announcing the survey results.

So how should employers provide this additional guidance?  Respondents indicated that they would prefer communications from their employers about their health care benefits (i.e., to educate them and help them make better health choices) to come via personalized online and mobile tools such as emails, text messages and “online goal trackers.”

The survey’s findings were included in the WEX Health Clear Insights report.  For further information, visit

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