Anthropologie Gets Flak For Selling Tote Resembling Palestinian Keffiyeh Scarf

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Anthropologie has an uproar on Twitter over one of its tote bag designs.

Twitter user @Saressaa noticed that the pattern on the brand’s ‘En Shalla Tapestry Tote’ resembles the Palestinian keffiyeh scarf.

According to Complex magazine, the keffiyeh represents Palestinian nationalism, dating back to the late 1930s.

The uproar highlights the conflict in Gaza, where protests are held and dozens of Palestinians have been killed. Others have also called out the bag’s name ‘En Shalla’, which is similar to the phrase “Inshallah” that means “God willing.”

However, it is worth noting that En Shalla is the name of the company that produced the bag, not the name of the bag itself. En Shalla is an Anglo-Moroccan company that “focuses on high end accessories blending North African art with modern fashionable ideas.”

Anthropologie has addressed the issue and the tote bag has been removed. The company said that the bag was sourced from a third-party brand and has apologized for any offense cause.

Did @Anthropologie really put handles on a keffiyeh??? And then proceeded to call it an “En Shalla Tapestry Tote” for $148?????? This is qwhite the definition of f!ckery when a symbol of Palestinian resistance is demonized on the daily. Capitalistic cultural appropriation af

— سارة (@Saressaa) May 22, 2018

So if y’all are profiting off of Palestinian labor/resistance, are you donating any $$$ back to people getting their bodies blown apart in Gaza? Houses demolished in the West Bank? @Anthropologie

— سارة (@Saressaa) May 22, 2018

wooow. i think i'm more mad at the name! God Willing Tapestry Tote? #GTFOH #gomf

— nope nope (@VigilantRobot) May 22, 2018

This is cultural appropriation and entirely insensitive @Anthropologie

— شَيَماء (@notlikesaima) May 22, 2018

Here is @Anthropologie … not only culturally appropriating the symbol of resistance of Palestinian people, but also bastardizing the phrase InshaAllah (by the will of God)
En Shalla Tote, for real? #NextLevelAssholery

— T a z e e n (@tazeen) May 22, 2018

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