Couple Claims Amazon ‘Alexa’ Recorded & Sent Their Conversation To An Employee

A Portland woman known as Danielle has claimed that Amazon’s Echo has recorded a private conversation between her husband and herself in an interview with TV station Kiro 7.

In an odd series of events, Amazon Echo has recorded the conversation and sent the recording to the husband’s employee in Seattle. Amazon said that ‘Alexa’ interpreted a conversation about hardwood floors between the couple as a confirmation to record.

The next conversation was heard as a request to “send ” which ‘Alexa’ asked “To whom?” The voice assistant then interpreted the background conversation as a name in the husband’s contact list and immediately sent it to the person as “requested.”

The couple’s house is powered with a few smart home devices, which is used to control the heating, lighting and the home security system. Danielle and her husband used to joke and say that the devices are “listening to what they were saying.”

What had been a joke became a reality when her husband’s employee who received the voice message called to alert them. They were told to unplug their ‘Alexa’ devices as they were being hacked. Danielle felt invaded and said that she is never plugging in the device because she “can’t trust it.”

Danielle has contacted Amazon, and Amazon has confirmed that ‘Alexa’ has listened, recorded and sent the conversation.

Amazon has apologized and an engineer explained that ‘Alexa’ has wrongly assumed that a command was given. Danielle stated that she wanted a refund but Amazon has not agreed to it.

[via Kiro 7, opening image via Charles Brutlag /]


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