Designer Collects Chewed Gum And Recycles Them Into Useful Everyday Items

Designer Anna Bullus has found a way to recycle chewing gum by transforming it into a foldable material that can be incorporated in various rubber and plastic products.

Her project ‘Gumdrop’ started ten years ago, when Bullus started looking through litter and trying to figure out which ones among the pile of trash could be recycled.

In an interview with BBC, she first had the idea when she found a piece of chewing gum, surprised that nothing had been done to recycle the sticky waste.

Bullus went on to find out that the main ingredient found in gum was “polyisobutylene,” which contains the same type of polymer used to build inner of bicycle wheels.

To encourage people to donate their gums instead of disposing it, Bullus created pink-hued bins called ‘Gumdrop’ which are also made of recycled gums.

University of Winchester and London’s Heathrow airport have adopted Bullus’ idea and installed bins around the premises. The latter claimed that it noticed “noticeable improvement” and has saved up to £6,000 (US$8,012.04) in cleaning costs.

Bullus’ project is currently backed by Wrigley, one of the biggest chewing gum manufacturers. Alex Hunter, a spokesman from Wrigley, said that ‘Gumdrop’ is a creative way to instil responsibility to those who love to chew gum by binning it at the right place.

‘Gumdrop’ has so far produced a variety of items such as mugs, boots, boomerangs and guitar picks.

[via BBC, images via Gumdrop]


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