Fashion Brands H&M, Zara, More Ditch Mohair Apparels After Animal Cruelty Exposé

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Top fashion chains Zara, H&M, Gap and Topshop have pledged to discontinue selling any apparel that contains mohair—a fiber that comes from the hairs of the Angora goat, often used in sweaters, coats and winter scarves due to its softness.

This movement follows allegations of animal cruelty involving goat farms in South Africa.

The Washington Post reported a recent video footage from PETA, included below, that reveals unethical behavior by workers on these goat farms. The animals were captured on film being dragged by their horns, legs, and lifted off the floor by their tails. Some of the goats were also thrown across the floor. The animals are sheered hastily as employees are paid based on amount produced, rather than by the hour.

South Africa had apparently produced half of the world’s mohair back in 2015. It remains unclear, however, as to whether these fashion brands have sourced mohair from the farms under investigation.

H&M, who has been working together with PETA, has decided to permanently ban mohair from its clothes. The company says that it seeks to be ethical, transparent and responsible. Removing mohair will not be instantaneous, however. H&M is working to trace the sources of its products and will ban it across all stores by 2020.

Zara’s parent company, Inditex, says that it will not sell mohair products across its brands by 2020. Fashion companies have taken strides to be more ethical and responsible, including the treatment of animals. Another recent example is Burberry joining Versace and Gucci in going fur-free.

You can watch the PETA exposé video below but please be warned that it might leave some viewers feeling uncomfortable.

[via Teen Vogue, video via PETA, main image via PETA]


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