Free Logo-Inspired Typefaces Of World Famous Brands To Add To Your Arsenal

Images via Alex Chumak and Raymond Larabie

Have you ever wanted to dissect a logotype to figure out how it might look when replaced with other letters? Here are some ways to experiment—and they cost zero dollars and zero cents.

SmartFonts has compiled a collection of 40 freeware typefaces that are inspired by, or resemble, some of the most recognized brand logos.

View 10 neat freebies and head over to SmartFonts for 30 more.

adidas-like typeface: ‘TeX Gyre Adventor’ by GUST e-foundry

Screenshot via GUST e-foundry

‘Canon’ by Pepe Legba

Image via Pepe Legba

‘CNN’ by Raymond Larabie

Image via Raymond Larabie

Disney-like typeface: ‘Waltograph’ by Justin Callaghan

Image via Justin Callaghan

Forbes-like typeface: ‘Merriweather’ by Sorkin Type & Eben Sorkin

Image via Sorkin Type & Eben Sorkin

Hershey’s-like typeface: ‘Hursheys’ by Sharkshock Productions & Dennis Ludlow

Image via Sharkshock Productions & Dennis Ludlow

IBM-like typeface: ‘MeninBlue’ by Steve Tune

Image via Steve Tune

Kickstarter-like typeface: ‘RNS BARUTA’ by RNS Fonts

Image via RNS Fonts

NASA-like typeface: ‘Nasalization’ by Raymond Larabie

Image via Raymond Larabie

Tommy Hilfiger-like typeface: ‘Tommy Hilfiger AF’ by Alex Chumak

Image via Alex Chumak

Head over to SmartFonts for 30 more logo-inspired typefaces.

[via SmartFonts, images via various sources]


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