Google Faces US$4.3 Billion Lawsuit For Violating iPhone Users’ Privacy

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UK-based campaign group ‘Google, You Owe Us’, which represents 4.4 iPhone users, is spearheading a £3.2 billion (US$4.3 billion) lawsuit against Google.

The group is accusing Alphabet Inc. unit of an action known as ‘Safari Workaround’, where Google bypassed Safari’s security restrictions on iPhone devices to gather users’ personal data between 2011 and 2012.

According to The Guardian, the information collected by Google includes race, sexuality, social class, shopping habits as well as physical and mental health data. If the lawsuit is successful, each member could receive £750 (US$1,000).

According to the group, Google had used an algorithm that enabled its developers to collect personal information by tracking their browsing history. The algorithm bypasses Safari’s default settings that blocks third-party tracking.

Google is fighting for the lawsuit to be dismissed as there is no way for users to check if they were affected by ‘Safari Workaround’.

Google UK’s director Tom Price said that users’ privacy and security have always been top priority for the company. Moreover, the group has little merit for the case since the claimed incidents happened over six years ago, and does not pose any problems now.

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