Hi, I’m a Graphic Design student doing a research for a Drag & Design academic article. Help a sis out!

Hello, y’all, Studio72 here. For the last few months me and a good friend have been working on the creation of an academic article about the influence of Drag on pop media and how Graphic Design can appropriate of the queens and kings’ methods of creation. For that, we’ve worked on the new step towards completing the article, and that is, the data gathering part.

Together with the help of our teacher, we’ve built two separate formularies, filled with questions both for the general public and performers of the art – specifically Drag Queens, as they are easier to find on our area, since we also plan on doing local interviews. The formulary will be used to gather information on the area and those who appreciate or know of it, which then we can translate into the article in the form of text.

I am deeply thankful for those of you who take the time to answer the formularies, and anyone else who could provide any kind of aid, such as additional information you think could help us better represent and proceed with the overall plot of this article, we’d be grateful. As lovers of both this form of art and this side of design, we’re doing our to showcase how both areas can correlate and help each other out on their creations.

Nevertheless, here are the links for the formularies, available both in English and Portuguese.

https://goo.gl//KH0mgTKdbi6vhfef1 General Public English Formulary

https://goo.gl/forms/CSDLiW2wZqW2l82o2 General Public Portuguese Formulary

https://goo.gl/forms/dB4NTcdD6YIPstEy2 Drag Performers English Formulary

https://goo.gl/forms/Y4hdkdLzoQXtQ7LA3 Drag Performers Portuguese Formulary

With love and despair, a frightened college student

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