Major Theft in Canada

As a designer/web developer I take my job very seriously. There was this guy a while back who was claiming a website that I designed and developed was his. I called him on it and he immediately shut his site down. Not even an apology. I have since found him back online and went to his site to check if he had ripped my work again. He did not, but I discovered so many other blatant acts of thievery and lies. The dude either steals, or pays for designs and claims them as his own. He makes claims to "designing" "custom" websites but clearly just purchases WordPress themes from envato and doesn't even customize them. He is a bad guy and should be called on his shit.

Here is a list:

Logo from his site:

Actual sources of "his" designs:

feet logo –

whale logo, scientist, robot –

eight logo –

hair logo –

mouse logo –

gym logo –

blue mountain logo –

fox logo –

asian mask logo –

trailer logo –

mk logo –

mk logo see also (shows him “designing” it) –

I have another list of the websites he claims are his. I have even contacted several of the people that own said websites and they claim they never heard of him…It's sad.

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