Pornhub Launches Its Own VPN Offering Free, Unlimited Bandwidth

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Adult site Pornhub has launched its own VPNhub aimed to keep your online sexual antics and other browsing activity under wraps.

VPNhub is available for iOS, Android, and the premium-only desktop versions for Windows and Mac OS. It’s touted as being “the best VPN and security solution you can always trust” that offers you “totally free and unlimited bandwidth on your device of choice.”

According to Engadget, Pornhub claims that its VPNhub has `1,000 servers in over 15 countries. The brand promises not to log users’ data and activity. VPNhub is ad-supported though, so you’d have to fork out more for the premium version to enjoy ad-free access.

Engadget highlights that Pornhub’s parent company Mindgeek does not have a solid reputation for reliable security. It’s had instances of security breaches where users’ details were exposed, such as in 2012 involving subsidiaries YouPorn and Digital Playground, and in 2016 where Brazzer’s forum was hacked. In 2017, Pornhub unknowingly hosted a malvertising attack that lasted over a year.

VPNhub is available internationally, for the countries that the US restricts its companies from dealing with, such as Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Reports of bans have also come from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and China.

[via Engadget, videos via VPNhub, image via VPNhub]


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