Security Content On the Way!

Today we are so excited to be announcing a new content training pillar at Linux Academy … Security! With more and more organizations leveraging the cloud to supercharge their business, making sure you are secure in the cloud is more important than ever!

How many times have we heard of an organization exposing confidential customer information or leaving sensitive servers wide open on cloud platforms? Too many!

“Here’s the thing, though, 100% of these incidents are due to user error and are completely preventable! The major cloud platforms such as Google Cloud and are some of the most secure locations for your workloads imaginable if you follow best practices to do your part in keeping your resources secure. That is why we focus on security on cloud platforms including Google Cloud and AWS, because we do not want our students to wind up on the news for all the wrong reasons, especially if it is completely preventable.” – Matt Ulasien, Google Cloud Course Author

So while we have the Google Security Essentials and the AWS Security Essentials courses out for you to take already, we have plans to continue expanding this security content out for you.

We have always taken a security-first mindset in all of our training material, but we had been missing ground up InfoSec training. With that in mind, one of our new course authors, Tony Costanzo, will be working with us diligently to release content in this new content pillar.

“The goal of information security is to reduce negative impacts against organizations to an acceptable level of risk. Information security is also responsible for protecting information assets against the risk of loss, disruption, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, inaccessibility and damage. It will also assist in mitigating against the potential for civil or legal liability that organizations face as a result of information loss, or the absence of diligence in its protection.” – Tony Costanzo, Security Course Author

So basically security effects EVERYTHING! It is of utmost importance in this day and age to be sure we are doing our due diligence in protecting our corporate assets – whether they are IT infrastructure, application source code and access, or our customer’s data. Information security is responsible for all forms of the organization’s information. It is also responsible for information handling. How it is created, viewed, transported, stored, or destroyed. In today’s environment, we can no longer only be concerned with the security of information within the boundaries of the network infrastructure domain. We must be able to expand our boundaries to where ever our sensitive information may exist.
“All too often, information security becomes a part of the conversation AFTER the event. How did this happen? What were we missing? How do we prevent this from happening again? Are we vulnerable anywhere else?

“Information Security is an active discipline that has a key role in every decision we make in IT. When this discipline is engaged up front, you are able to short circuit the most obvious vulnerabilities, mitigate more complex vulnerabilities, and have a full understanding of your risk profile going forward.” — Terry Cox, Head of Content

While I do not plan on announcing all the specifics yet of what you can expect in our courses, what I can do is give you some exciting hints. We are working diligently on a course geared specifically for the Enterprise called Enterprise Security Fundamentals. Additionally, over the rest of the year, you can expect courses on CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker, CISSP certification prep, and more! What courses are you looking forward to the most?

Get started learning about best practices for security on the cloud with a free 7-day trial with Linux Academy today! We have a lot of exciting new content coming for the rest of this year so stay tuned! 


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