Concert Poster – (First attempt – critiques?)

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Hi all,

I have had good luck with getting critiques here before, so I'd appreciate it if anybody has any that would help – I was asked to put together a graphic for a concert that'll be in my hometown soon, and if they like what I put together then they'll ask me in the future to do more. So I am trying to put my best foot forward on this. I like a lot of the parts individually and think that it fits together well, but I think I'm still missing some kind of 'it factor'.

I'm going to explain my thought process for the decisions made here, so if I have the wrong idea about something, please feel free to point me in the right direction!

  1. I designed the logo in the top left corner, the group putting the concert together is called "Building for the Stars"
  2. The concert is going to be called "Back to the 90's" I got the idea for the type from a graphic I saw online about the 90's
  3. The idea for the backsplash was originally to be spraypaint since that's very 90's/hiphop, but I didn't like the way it looked. I recently learned how to make watercolor splotches, so I tried a black watercolor and liked it better. I added a blue one in the very back just to have some kind of color because lil Jon is a party rapper. But I did not want to go crazy with color either.
  4. I kept consistent font style throughout the text in the area, except for the location of 'Times Union Center'
  5. The crowd across the is something I wanted to do because it's the same shape I used to cut out the text in the logo for "STARS". Not really a big deal that they were the same, but I liked the idea of the consistency.

I look forward to having this torn apart by the Reddit professionals haha. Thank you!

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