Viral Optical Illusion Of A Hug Sends Twitter Into Ultimate Confusion

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Image via Shutterstock

An optical illusion photo of a hug that was recently uploaded to Twitter has left many netizens doing a double take.

At first i thought he was wearing the heels

— cj Fentroy (@Boom_likean808) May 24, 2018

Upon first glance, you might mistake the man to be wearing the white pants, black heels and blue shirt, whilst bending over to give the seated person a hug. Look carefully though, and you would probably see otherwise.

Twitter user @Boom_likean808 commented on the perplexing photo, saying, “At first I thought he was wearing the heels.”

This head-scratching picture has received many comments, including some trying to figure out whose body belongs to whom. One user said, “I don’t get it.. he is wearing heels!”

Thankfully, a commenter has stepped in to explain the photo saying, “No he’s the one sitting on the chair with the red. The girl is hugging him from the back wearing blue lol.”

A closeup has also been provided, together with an explanation, “She’s resting her head on his shoulder.”

Hopefully, it clears your confusion.

His head doesn’t match with the way “his body” is positioned tho 🤔

— Marco 😛 (@marco23_lol) May 26, 2018

I hate this pic & the ppl in it🤷🏽‍♂️😂

— TJ (@TonyHugginsJr) May 27, 2018

She's wearing the heels, and is bending down giving him a hug, with her right arm around his neck, making it appear as if her sleeve is his shirt collar. 😀

— ℅TwinOfTwinWithTwins (@twinsational) May 27, 2018

Yo can see she’s resting her head on his shoulder

— WolvezNation Leader (@Rxstartable) May 25, 2018

[via Hello Giggles, opening image via Shutterstock]

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