High Fashion Shots Of Gluttonous Models Hide A Crucial, Unexpected Health PSA

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World Cancer Research Fund has teamed up with renowned photographer Rankin and creative advertising agency Arthur London to launch a cancer campaign inspired by high fashion photo shoots.

The campaign introduces the new ‘Cancer Heath Check’, which aims to raise public awareness on the relationship between diet and risk of cancer.

The ads, which mimic fashion shoots, adopts the concept of “sex sells” and combines it together with food in an unusual way.

Models consume foods that increase the risk of cancer inside the ads. “Are you making yourself attractive to cancer?” questions the prints.

Nick Whillis, a partner at Arthur London, said that the idea behind the ads was to challenge the common idea that cancer “gets you” instead of the consumer causing it.

Hopefully, through this message, the public will become more aware that if they do not take care of their diet, they would essentially be “flirting with the disease.”

Director Rankin said that majority of the public do not realize the importance of healthy food intake. The campaign thus serves as a reminder to people that their food consumption affects their risks of cancer.

WCRF & Rankin – Are you making yourself attractive to cancer? Mash Up from Arthur London on Vimeo.

[via Arthur London, video via Arthur London, images via Arthur London]


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