How should i approach learning AI?

Hi I want to learn AI by myself.When I say this I am aware that how broad the field is and how you can't master it overnight.I however want to learn about AI as hobby so i don't plan to make career out of it.What I specifically looking to learn is machine learning side of things especially deep learning.So I can create applications that will have machine learning capabilities,neural networks and deep learning capabilities.Therefore I did some research and came with road map.I am familiar and experienced with various programming concepts on different languages such as C#,C++ etc.I can use those languages to create various applications in concepts like OOP.

So i can program and not new to programming as topic.However i don't know python.I think it is great language and it is getting very popular.Also far as i can see python is great for ML because of its libraries(NumPy,SciPy,pandas etc), so i think i should learn it.Also i know that i have to get comfortable at some maths that is gone be used in AI development such as linear Algebra,calculus(specifically multivariable calculus) well as probability.I plan to use Khan World of Maths to get comfortable on those topics.Also MIT Opencourseware got good calculus and algebra courses i can take after it.

So road map and steps

1)Learning Maths Required for ML.Khan Academy World of Maths will be used for Calculus, Algebra probability and other required maths topics.Than i will move to MIT Opencourseware to enhance the learning on those topics if necessary.I don't know if Khan Academy teaching level would be enough for ML and whether Opencourseware courses would be necessary.Youtube channels and websites like PatrickJMT and Pauls Online Math Notes are helpful.

2)Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python course on Udemy(To learn Python)

3)Introduction to AI using Colombia Uni AI course on edx:

4)Machine Learning Course from Stanford on Coursera for Introduction to machine learning

5)Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp on Udemy(Great to learn things like Neural Nets,deep learning,ML libraries of python and tensor flow).Might prefer Google's Machine Learning Crash Course instead.

6)Google's deep learning intermediate course on udacity(requirements says 2 years of programming experience which i do have and maths requirements will be completed when i come to this step.However i am still unsure whether previous courses will prepare me for this course.Also it doesn't have great reviews so still i am unsure.

Top of all this i want to get book called Artificial Intelligence:A Modern Approach so i can have broader idea about AI and can use it as reference book.That way my knowledge wouldn't be limited to tensorflow and ML side of AI.So what do you guys think?

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