‘Jurassic World’s’ Dinosaur-Sized Delivery Amusingly Proves ‘#AmazonFindsAWay’

Anyone who’s watched the original Jurassic Park will be familiar with Jeff Goldblum’s iconic line, “…life, uh… finds a way.”

To promote Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that’s releasing in the US come 22 June, Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and Amazon have joined forces to make a shipment of supersize proportions that on this classic with the hashtag, ‘#AmazonFindsAWay’.

A colossal box, modeled after Amazon’s shipping packages, has arrived in the city of Los Angeles to make a delivery, which has been “65 million years in the making,” to “Owen Grady and Claire Dearing”—played by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard respectively.

The mammoth-sized box, which is now on display, even comes with a shipment sticker bearing all the delivery details, including a SmileCode that the public can scan using Amazon’s smartphone app to access more Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom perks.

While its content remains under wraps until 2 June 12pm PDT, curious parties can rope in help from Amazon’s smart assistant. “Alexa, ask Jurassic World what’s inside the box?” will give you some clues as to what’s hiding within the mysterious package.

See the amusing, larger-than-life marketing stunt and final trailer of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom below.

An Amazon delivery 65 million years in the making. @JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom #AmazonFindsAWay pic.twitter.com/fI9NTQgKdm

— Jurassic World (@JurassicWorld) May 30, 2018

An Amazon delivery 65 million years in the making. @JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom #AmazonFindsAWay pic.twitter.com/gAwkkg5Ng7

— Jurassic World (@JurassicWorld) May 29, 2018

Welcome to Jurassic World. Watch the final trailer for @JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom. pic.twitter.com/Vo9kNyeCrs

— Jurassic World (@JurassicWorld) April 18, 2018

[via NewsOn6.com, images via Jurassic World]


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