MAC Cosmetics’ Ramadan Makeup Tutorial Doesn’t Sit Well With Some Muslims

MAC Middle East is getting flak for its recent Ramadan-themed makeup tutorial video.

Dubbed ‘Get Ready For Suhoor’, it shows a makeup artist applying MAC’s kohl, eyeshadow and other makeup products on a lady in a turban headscarf, before having ‘Suhoor’. ‘Suhoor’ refers to the pre-dawn meal that Muslims consume prior to fasting during Ramadan.

Netizens have called out the beauty brand for mistaking ‘Suhoor’ for ‘Iftar’, which is the meal that Muslims have after they break fast in the evening. According to netizens, Muslims usually dress up for ‘Iftar’ instead of in the wee hours for the pre-dawn meal.

Many thought MAC’s effort to be inclusive has fallen short in practice, while others did not want the beauty brand to profit from a religious practice. However, those in the Middle East pointed out that ‘Suhoor’ is celebrated differently in different parts of the world, and extravagant ‘Suhoor’ parties is something that is common.

Muslims in Qatar and UAE said that it is a norm to dress for ‘Suhoor’, with one user saying, “You guys are oblivious to a Middle Eastern Ramadan culture that is clearly different from yours. ‘Suhoor’ gatherings are a thing and having ‘Suhoor’ at a restaurant is also a thing. I wish everyone would stop getting worked up over this, it’s kind of embarrassing.”

MAC has released a statement to Teen Vogue, saying that the makeup video is inspired by ‘Suhoor’ customs held in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Friends and family usually gather together for ‘Suhoor’ and the company wishes to support fans by releasing makeup looks celebrating Ramadan.

استعدي لعزيمة الأهل و الأصدقاء بخطوات بسيطة! شاهدي كيف الفنانة العالمية لدى ماك مريم خيرالله تبتكر لوك رائع!✨🌙🌙 You’re only a few steps away from your glamorous gathering look with friends & family! Watch how #MACSeniorArtist @themariamkhairallah creates this stunning look! 🌙 ✨ #GetReadyWithMAC

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What Mac thinks the “suhoor look” is versus what it actually looks like

— Yomna Nassar (يمنى) (@yummmmna) May 26, 2018

i wear a t shirt from 7th grade and adidas pants if i’m going out for suhoor mac u r trippin

— asmaa (@thehomieasmaa) May 26, 2018

How MAC thinks I look for suhoor vs. How I actually look

— chaand nawab (@__nmalik) May 26, 2018

hi can y’all stop commercializing ramadan do you even know what suhoor is thanks

— مريم (@MaryamSaleh) May 25, 2018

Many people are complaining about MAC's make up look for suhoor—saying they barely open their eyes when eating in early morning.

In fact, suhoor in Dubai starts at 9 pm and they go to a night out right after.

It's a targeting. Not all ads are about you.

— 🌻 (@khansaafathima) May 26, 2018

All you guys mocking that MAC ad about suhoor looks… in Dubai some actually go out for suhoor. When I was there during Ramadan in 2015 we went out for suhoor. It's so festive and the people are dressed in their best abayas and of course wearing make up.

— From My Fingertips (@Aneeqah) May 26, 2018

U guys are oblivious to a middle eastern Ramadan culture that is clearly different from urs. Suhoor gatherings are a thing and having suhoor at a restaurant is also a thing. I wish everyone would stop getting worked up over this it’s kinda embarrassing lol

— Samar 🇩🇿 سمر (@Djazzaiiriia) May 27, 2018

[via Teen Vogue, opening image via MAC Cosmetics Middle East]


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