New York Post’s Cover Brutally Trolls Donald Trump’s Meeting With Kim Kardashian

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Just when you thought you couldn’t name a better duo than Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, another Kim has walked into the US President’s life to undermine your beliefs.

On Wednesday, Trump met up with celebrity Kim Kardashian West to talk about prison reform. Kardashian West is advocating a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, who is serving a life sentence in prison for a first time, low-level drug offense.

In spite of the gravity of the discussion, the unlikely get-together hasn’t stopped the New York Post from pulling some jokes out of its sleeve.

On the headline of the newspaper’s Metro frontpage on Thursday, it brutally teased Trump’s ties with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the Kardashian West all in one fell swoop.

Displayed like an internet meme, a photo of the president and the star is accompanied with the text, “Kim Thong Un pitches prez on prison reform.” The made-up moniker is evidently a mashup of Trump’s two allies.

The headline wasn’t the only joke about the Kardashian West’s tushy that the New York Post cracked on its cover. It dubbed the meeting, “the other big ass summit,” and summarized it with the text, “Trump meets Rump.”

Some Twitter users seem to have mixed feelings about the title. On one hand, it might be deemed insensitive, considering the nature of the discussion; on the other, the publication truly didn’t bum about with its pun game. A few have also pointed out that the jokes might have some “sexist” undertones.

“This is awful and so disrespectful,” acknowledged user ‘Luvina_things’. “But also, I can’t stop laughing.”

On the other spectrum, ‘ZanesMyBae’ argued, “I’m not the biggest Kim K fan, but this is in poor taste and sexist.”

Kardashian West took to Twitter after the discussion to thank the President for meeting with her.

“I would like to thank President Trump for his time this afternoon. It is our hope that the President will grant clemency to Ms Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence for a first-time, non-violent drug offence,” she wrote.

Check out the tabloid cover, as well as some reactions from the internet, below.

Tomorrow's cover: Kim Kardashian visits the White House to discuss prison reform with President Trump

— New York Post (@nypost) May 30, 2018

This is awful and the NYP is so disrespectful but also I can't stop laughing ???

— Luvina (@Luvina_things) May 30, 2018

Seriously?!? I’m dead.

1. What in the entire fu<k does KK know about prison reform?

2. The headlines on this are comedy. “Kim Thong Un”.

What a time to be alive.

— ☀️MeliMel☀️ (@Melimel540) May 31, 2018

Y’all really gonna make me go to bat for Kim K, eh?

“The Other Big Ass Summit”

Just in case readers interpret this double entendre to be referring to their common personality traits, you reference Kim’s butt 3 more times.

This is too trite, even for you all.

— Rashona (@Rashona) May 30, 2018

I’m not the biggest Kim K fan, but this is in poor taste and sexist.

— Amineh (@ZanesMyBae) May 31, 2018

This cover is sexist and pathetic. Do better @nypost.

— Brian Kosciesza (@BrianKosh) May 31, 2018

He don't know which Kim he's supposed to be meeting with.

— Valerie (@MommyRandR) May 31, 2018

Best headline ever, whoever wrote that deserves a nice bottle of Scotch.

— Mozzarella Sticks (@mozzerella_stix) May 31, 2018

Now I'm waiting for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to show up at the White House for a discussion on spending.

— GKR (@GKRgus1) May 31, 2018

woman uses her considerable celebrity influence to talk directly to the president about important and vital prison reform@nypost: yeah but did you see her bum???

— Alex Bruce-Smith (@alexbrucesmith) May 30, 2018

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