Pentagram Creates Ever-Changing Brand Identity For Artificial Intelligence Firm

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To capture the complex, on-the-ball nature of the AI industry, leading creative agency Pentagram was tasked to design a visual identity for machine learning brand Cytora, which specializes in helping the insurance industry price risk via algorithms.

Led by Pentagram partners Luke Powell and Jody Hudson-Powell, Cytora’s new imagery sees more evolutions than many brands might have in their lifetimes—it never stops changing.

“As we continue to grow, we want the Cytora brand to reflect our values and the direction in which we are heading,” explained Richard Hartley, CEO and Co-Founder at Cytora. “We set out to create a visual identity that represents the future we are building: where insurance is simple, fast, and transparent, built on a foundation of tractable data.”

Hudson-Powell also said Cytora saw itself as a brand that was “more interested in understanding large data sets to create a better predictive understanding of the world,” rather than an insurance-forward firm.

Its primary product, ‘Risk Engine’, leverages machine learning to generate real-time risk profiles from “thousands of unique data inputs… for every insurable business and property,” Pentagram described.

The team thus focused on illustrating the AI’s astute, fluid perceptions for risks. “It’s this deep tech thing, a technological solution that does something purposeful and real, but it’s very intangible,” said Hudson-Powell. “We needed a way to make the intangible thing they’re doing illustrative and communicative.”

In making the intangible visible, Pentagram created series of dynamic blocks that depict the “fluidity” and extents of data involved to create risk profiles. The shapes animate in tandem, changing their colors and patterns, to visually represent the real-time changes picked up by Cytora’s tool.

Individual sculptures can also be used to help clients identify the levels of risk—such as the chances of fires or flooding—associated with companies.

While the identity is always evolving, its blocks are recognizable and synonymous with the brand. As such, they’ll accompany Cytora’s wordmark, as well as support its online presence and business cards.

Image via Pentagram

Image via Pentagram

[via Co.Design, videos and images via Pentagram]


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