Apple Design Awards 2018 Winners Celebrate Best Apps For Its Platforms Worldwide

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During Apple’s WWDC 2018, the company not only introduced its new ‘macOS Mojave’ and iOS 12, but also the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018.

The title celebrates outstanding developers who have used their intelligence and savvy to build 2018’s best apps for Apple’s platforms. Even though the US makes up Apple’s biggest market, only one of its 10 winners hails from this country—medical app ‘Triton Sponge’ by Gauss Surgical, Inc..

While Apple prepares the event video for this segment, check out the awardees representing various countries below.

1. ‘Agenda’ note taking app by Momenta B.V. (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Image screenshot via Mac App Store

2. ‘BANDIMAL’ music composing app for children by YATATOY (Helsinki, Finland)

Video via Lucas Zanotto

3. ‘Calzy 3’ smart calculator app by WapleStuff (Chennai, India)

Image screenshot via App Store

4. ‘iTranslate Converse’ app by iTranslate (Graz, Austria)

Video via iTranslate

5. ‘Triton Sponge’ medical app by Gauss Surgical, Inc. (Los Altos, USA)

Image screenshot via App Store

6. ‘Florence’ interactive storybook app by Annapurna Interactive (Melbourne, Australia)

Image screenshot via App Store

7. ‘Playdead’s INSIDE’ adventure game app by Playdead (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Video via Playdead

8. ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ adventure game app by Snowman (Toronto, Canada)

Video via Alto’s Adventure

9. ‘Frost’ puzzle game app by kunabi brother GmbH (Vienna, Austria)

Video via kunabi brother

10. ‘Oddmar’ action adventure game app by Mobge Ltd (Eskişehir, Turkey)

Video via Oddmar

[via Apple Developer]


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