Facebook Ceases Its Iconic Pride Flag Reaction, Leaving Some Users Disgruntled

Pride Month has just begun and if you remember, those who liked the LGBTQ page on Facebook last year received a custom reaction of the rainbow pride flag.

According to Business Insider, that custom reaction will not appear this year unfortunately.

Facebook released button reactions such as ‘Like’, ‘Love’, ‘Haha’ and ‘Wow’ in 2016 along with several other customized versions over the years, such as a purple flower for Mother’s Day and Star Trek-themed graphics to celebrate the series’ 50th anniversary.

However, news about Facebook not releasing any flower or pride flag reactions this year have left some users unhappy. A Twitter user wrote, “Damn @facebook if you’re gonna take away my goddamn pride flag react can I at least get a permanent like “Vomit” react button???”

Facebook’s spokesperson Lisa Stratton said that the company is not creating custom reactions to celebrate any holidays or moments in culture anymore.

Facebook has rolled out other ways for its users to celebrate Pride Month, including profile frames, custom text posts, backgrounds, and AR filters.

@facebook where is our Pride reaction? I appreciate the frames, but we need the pride flag response.

— Brent Pope (@brent_pope) June 2, 2018

Damn @facebook if you're gonna take away my goddamn pride flag react can I at least get a permanent like "Vomit" react button???

— Kamil Kardashian (@KamilKardashian) June 2, 2018

@facebook Where’s my “Like” Pride Flag on Fb? Bring it back please!

— Patrick Geary (@Haolehiker) June 1, 2018

.@Twitter giving us the love and support within #Pride & #PrideMonth emojis; @facebook nothing, you can’t resurrect the pride-flag 🏳️‍🌈 ? #lame pic.twitter.com/RyIcwldwXB

— Lenny Donnarumma (@product19) June 2, 2018

[via Business Insider, images via Facebook]


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