Microsoft Reportedly Acquires GitHub, World’s Largest Developer Community

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The developer world is on the edge of its seat over news of Microsoft’s possible acquisition of GitHub, a massive coding platform with about 27 million members worldwide.

First reported by Bloomberg, which cited sources “familiar with the matter,” the purchase could be announced as early as Monday.

The news follows recent reports of a potential partnership between the two. The deal would make sense for both parties, as Microsoft is on the constant lookout for software developers, and GitHub—the largest developer social network in the world—might be able to enjoy more stability; its attempts to monetize products have ended up being less fruitful than expected.

GitHub was last valued in 2015 at US$2 billion, but with a US$250 million funding from Sequoia Capital, its worth has risen in the past years. Sources of Business Insider claimed that Microsoft could purchase the company at a steep US$5 billion.

How the acquisition might change things for users of the network—which not only plays host to open source repositories, but doubles as a network for inspiration—remains unclear. “You know we don’t ever comment on this sort of rumor,” Frank X. Shaw, Microsoft’s Vice President of Communications, told TechCrunch.

Can't wait to see the new #Microsoft version of GitHub#github

— Aurélien Hervé (@aurel_herve) June 3, 2018

When you are a GitHub user and suddenly become a Microsoft customer… #github

— Michael Panzer (@panzer_michael) June 3, 2018

In light of the news that GitHub is getting acquired by Microsoft, I took the liberty of mocking up some great new ways the two companies could work together.

— Justin Duke (@justinmduke) June 3, 2018

(My earnest take, though, is that this will probably end up fine! GitHub is a good product and I am not clamoring to run away from it.)

— Justin Duke (@justinmduke) June 3, 2018

Sad to see all these cheap negative quips about Github & Microsoft. MS has been doing some awesome work in Open Source recently (just look at VS Code), and hired some excellent people. I see no reason to be worried.

— Filippo Valsorda (@FiloSottile) June 4, 2018

Lots of people worried about Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. I wonder how many of those people are familiar with the Microsoft of today. There are few other similar large companies I see who so consistently focus their efforts on making developers lives easier. Relax a bit!

— Sam Newman (@samnewman) June 4, 2018

[via TechCrunch]


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