Udacity x Google Debut Free Career Courses To Elevate Your Résumé, Skills, More

Udacity, a for-profit educational organization that specializes in free online classes and nanodegrees, has announced the launch of its free career courses established in collaboration with Google.

These resources are readily available to the public, including fresh graduates and mid-career professionals. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from sprucing up your résumé and cover letter, enhancing your interview skills, and improving your LinkedIn profile, to learning new technical skills through classes such as ‘Data Structures and Algorithms in Python’.

This initiative is based on a successful pilot that was rolled out to 60,000 Grow with Google scholars in March, through the duo’s ‘Networking for Career Success’ course.

“Our initial pilot with Google has now been expanded to include 11 more such courses—offering a comprehensive range of valuable career guidance and training. They cover everything from networking and personal branding to technical interview preparation and cover letter optimization. Today, we’re making all 12 of these new Udacity Career courses available for free to learners across the globe!” announced Udacity.

“This next generation of talent will enter the job market possessing a diverse range of skills, but facing a lot of competition, and a rapidly-shifting hiring landscape,” explains the educational organization. “They’re going to need every resource they can get to make sure they’re able to compete successfully for available roles.”

“They are not alone in benefitting from this kind of support. Mid-career professionals pursuing career change, older workers returning to the workforce, and anyone looking ahead to a job search, will find these courses valuable as well.”

Explore the 12 new Udacity Career courses here and discover how to create a brilliant, creative résumé that distinguishes you from peers.

[via Udacity, main image via Shutterstock]


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