800k Revenue in 42 Days – Only Infotech- 97% ROI

Mation’s FB Case Study: 800k Revenue in 42 Days – 1 Campaign – 97% ROI

800k Revenue in 42 Days - 1 Campaign - 97% ROI

Member Mation shares details on a LIVE Facebook campaign he’s current still running! You’ll find extremely valuable and practical tips on how to find the best ad angles, how to combat FB’s recent erratic behavior and their flagging of account, how to target/bid/scale, and more! Later this week, in this same thread, mation will be dropping 2 super-secret tips on how to maximize the success of FB advertising, so be sure to subscribe to the thread and stay-tuned for updates!

Getting Easy Profit from Push Traffic in PropellerAds (Bulgaria)

Moderator mrbraun strikes again! In this case study, mrbraun reveals the landing page, text, and image of his push campaign targeting Bulgaria. He also drops a ton of tips on how to monetize PUSH traffic, and shows sky-high ROIs of similar campaigns he’s running – one of which is doing 986.2% ROI!

Today: Two FB Accounts – Tier 1 – Pin Submit – 500% ROI

Moderator stickupkid spills the beans on how he’s killing it with Pin Submits on Facebook, by targeting broad and barely touching his camps – they’re practically making money for him on autopilot. And with an audience size of 9 million, profits from this campaign probably won’t be drying up anytime soon!

Shopify + Oberlo + Aliexpress + Facebook

Member Sam Frost is already making £300-£400/day in revenue with his 2-week-old shopify store! I’ll be keeping my eye on this one!

2 Lessons Learned By Advertizer.com (Pay Special Attentiom to TIP #2!)

Want to 4x your conversion rate for iOS traffic (on Safari Browser)? Find out how here!

Work For an Affiliate Industry Leader! Adcash are hiring a Native Acquisition Expert

Do you have experience in native advertising with a proven record in prospecting new clients? Adcash, the advanced real-time ad trading platform, is looking to recruit a Native Acquisition Expert to join their vibrant community of advertising gurus, IT geniuses, nerds and unicorns! Either in Tallinn, Estonia or Barcelona, Spain.

Affiliate Manager Wanted: $120k+ a year / Converting Ads

ConvertingAds are looking for a English speaking communicative Affiliate Manager with strong sales skills to join their office in Prague. Support and grow their affiliate network ConvertingTeam.com while land very high remuneration based on performance. Plus attend industry events! The ultimate learn while you earn opportunity.


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