This Week in Spring – Only Infotech5th, 2018

Hi Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! It’s been a wild and wonderful week. I’ve just returned from the epic VOXXED Singapore event, just intime to enjoy a wonderful week home in Spring-time and sun-filled San Francisco. We’ve got a ton of things to cover, so let’s get to it!

  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry now supports Minio, a highly available S3-like HA enterprise grade object storage server for developers.
  • Spring Cloud Finchley GA is scheduled for June 15
  • In Part 4 of “Should that be a Microservice?” Nate Schutta talks Independent Scalability and why it’s important
  • Spring Batch ninja Mahmoud Ben Hassine just announced Spring Batch 4.1.0.M1 which includes, among other thing, simplified testing and easier remote chunking. Get the bits now!
  • In last week’s Spring Tips we looked at JDBC, which is much more than just the venerable JdbcTemplate! In this post we look at the JdbcTemplate, various SQL command objects, SimpleFlatMapper, and so much more. Check it out!
  • Spring Cloud teammember Ryan Baxter has just announced that Spring Cloud Finchley.RC2 was released!
  • Madhura Bhave and Stephane Maldini on June 20th for this San Francisco JUG meetup!
  • This is kind of interesting! It’s a rules-platform that targets Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and other frameworks
  • The latest release of jQAssistant now supports quality control rules for Spring and Spring Boot-based applications with the inclusion of the Spring plugin.
  • The Spring I/O team (behind the epic Spring I/O conference in Barcelona, Spain, are now publishing their talks and you should follow that account to get the latest videos
  • I really like this post by Spring creator Rod Johnson that describes the spirit of Spring and speaks to the recent acquisition of Github by Microsoft
  • Check out the Vedran Pavic’s Spring I/O 2018 talk on Spring Session])
  • Check out Spring Data Geode lead John Blum’s SpringOne Platform 2017 talk
  • Spring Cloud Sleuth just accepted its 1000th pull-request! This project just might have legs 🙂
  • In London? You should be at the SpringOne event on 21-22 June in London! Learn about all things Cloud Native and Spring Boot
  • Apache Kafka 2.0 just had a feature-freeze! Congrats to the Apache Kafka team!
  • Redis Labs liked my Spring Tips video introducing Spring’s vast support for Redis, and you might too!
  • Bartosz Jedrzejewski has a great post on building reacitve applications with Spring WebFlux
  • This is super cool! The IntelliJ IDEA support now includes the ability to group related confguration properties in Nice work to Yann Cebron and the team
  • Having issues with Java 10, Lombok and Spring Boot? You might want to look at this thread
  • I love this blog on test driven documentation with Spring REST Docs
  • Get your early bird tickets to the RabbitMQ conference!
  • Hurray! Pivotal Web Services now supports Docker images! Get it while it’s hot!
  • I like this post, the fourth in a series, that looks at the canonical “REST in Practice” example, Restbucks, and applies Clean Architecture.
  • YouTube
  • You should check out the slides from Spring Boot team legend Madhura Bhave’s Spring I/O 2018 talk on “What’s New in Spring Boot 2.0”.
  • Check out this mega thread by Redis project lead Salvatore Sanfilippo on the latest and greatest in Redis
  • This is exciting! The next version of Spring Boot, 2.1, now includes the Spring Integration graph endpoint.
  • Christiaan Roeleveld has just announced his new BOSH video series and it looks really good! BOSH is the driftless package manager distributed systems. It manages the lifecycle of infrastructure and surfaces a portable API that works, agnostic of the underlying IaaS.
  • There is now a Swift-language Cloud Foundry binding. Cool!


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