Bizarre Saudi Arabian Fashion Show Has Drones ‘Wearing’ Dresses Down Catwalk

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Video screenshots via jinakhoushnaw and wa7d_riyadh

Dolce & Gabbana’s runway drones have nothing on these droid “models” in Saudi Arabia.

A fashion show hosted by a member from one of the country’s most prominent families has been making news on social media for sending flying devices down a runway to model clothes.

The event’s organizers sought to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s technological advancements, hence the decision to use this concept. It also coincided with the month of Ramadan, when modesty is duly observed.

As high-tech as it might seem, the show has been teased for hiring “ghosts” instead of humans.

Internet users have also assumed women were banned from walking down the runway, but designer Aljawharji told INSIDER that this wasn’t the case. “It’s kind of being more religious… This is the holy month of ours, so [models would] be wearing stuff that’s not appropriate.”

Is this what they call, “high fashion?”

I’m dying at this fashion show in Saudi😂😂 they weren’t allowed female models

— jina (@jinakhoushnaw) June 6, 2018

عرض أزياء في السعودية بدون عارضات
عرض الازياء مو لازم يكون جسر و العارضات تمشي في عادي انك تجيب تماثيل محلات الملابس النسائية وتعرض موديلاتك عليهم أفضل من فلم الاشباح و الطريقة الغبية مع احترامي لصاحب الفكرة 😂😂😂

— IBRahiM 🇸🇦 (@ibrahaam11) June 6, 2018

عرض أشباح في السعودية .. قصدي أزياء 😂

— جالينـــــــوس (@ilxooli) June 7, 2018

عرض أزياء في السعودية.. كانه فيلم اشباح

— واحد oNe (@wa7d_riyadh) June 7, 2018

[via INSIDER and CNN, videos and images via various sources]

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