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Greetings fellow graphic designers! This is my first time posting here and I hate to be that guy, but I could use some quick mentoring of sorts here. I’ll try and hit all the important points as indicated by one of the top posts atm by u/Mango__juice but this isn’t entirely about pricing either. Multiple questions here.

So, here’s a mini portfolio that should give a broad idea of my design aesthetic and methods.

Firstly, I design mainly on my phone, occasionally on an iPad Pro, using a few apps. I have no formal training unless you count one art class when I was maybe 10 and an art appreciation course in college. I finally own the graphic artists guild book though I haven’t completely read it yet (I have crammed and read specific info). I’m in the US, Alabama (ugh) (but also roll tide). I’ve sold three pieces as album covers to some random person with a soundcloud, and I think, one print on society6. Yep, I’m balling outta control here.

So firstly, as someone who would like to further themselves in the field of graphic design (making these is something that’s fun for me, a side hobby right now, and a creative outlet as well so this would be something I’d enjoy as a career), what would be some recommendations here? As far as say, training? Would I benefit from taking some classes? What about hardware and software? I’m assuming photoshop is the standard? Promoting oneself (I use my Instagram as my portfolio basically… and hashtags. Lots of hashtags…… sorry)? I’m looking for broad info here.

Lastly (since my firstly encompassed like, 80 questions), I have been fortunate enough to communicate with and, ultimately obtain the opportunity to move forward and work with a growing YouTube channel. They currently have around 400k subscribers and have gotten there from nothing very quickly. I legitimately admire what they do and they seem to reciprocate that to my work. So, I’m pumped! I want to do all this right and respectfully to all. They want to use my work for merch and they also want a logo redesign. I suppose I’m helping them brand (?). Obviously, we need a contract. I understand that much. I guess it’s the details I’m unsure of. And to an extent, the pricing. Like, would an exclusive contract/license be the way to go? Should it be more specific than an exclusive license? Should I expect a cut from their merch sales? Etc etc. I realize I’m an unknown and as I said, I admire their work and will enjoy creating for them so I’m not too concerned with the money aspect of it (plus I’ll have some exposure) but I don’t want to sell myself or other artists short.

Sorry if I prattled on. Or forgot something that I’ll ask later. Or didn’t explain well. I’ve got so many questions and these are what fell out of me at the moment. I would be supremely grateful for any suggestions or advice!

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