Holding All the Cards: MOO’s Award Winning In-House Design

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As a company best known for creating other people’s beautiful business cards, the MOO teams wanted to make sure their own cards were no less impactful. “We were tasked with making cards that were very ‘MOO’ while also appealing to and working for employees, at all levels, across the entire business—from sales to customer service, and from the U.S. to the U.K. and Australia,� says global creative director Brendan Stephens.

The MOO team was inspired to rethink traditional business aphorisms by injecting a dose of humor and humanity into them. The result is a set of vibrant and unexpected business cards, available in 19 different designs, each featuring bright colors and the company’s own take on common and clichéd business maxims through amusing messages hidden in the spot gloss (or gold foil) finish.

“The main challenge of this project was creating a set of business cards that represented our wide-ranging teams … as well as the many different personalities within the company,� Stephens says. “Plus, it’s what we do! They had better be pretty damn great!�

The creative team began by interviewing colleagues across the business to understand their needs, their goals and what they would be proud to hand out. “We heard that people wanted their new business cards to be conversation starters, to represent our love for great design, to showcase MOO’s paper stocks and finishes, and to tie into our mission and values,� Stephens says.

“They also loved our brand’s wit and humor, but not everyone in the business felt that they could ‘pull it off ’ themselves, so we knew we had to find a balance between representing the brand while also representing the individual,� he continues. “We realized we would need a flexible solution that would allow each employee to really make the cards their own.�

To that end, MOO used its proprietary Printfinity technology, which allows customers to print a different design on the back of each card in one pack, so employees could choose the phrases that resonated with them—ultimately creating a completely personalized pack.

“I loved the concept and the execution on this one,� says judge David Lesué. “The idea showcases the capabilities of the product without feeling heavy-handed. The copywriting is immediately relatable—with a twist that keeps each phrase from sounding trite. It’s light, cheeky and fun.�

Title MOO Business Cards | Company/Organization MOO Print Ltd., London; www.moo.com | Creative Team Millie Davies, Tara Bouley, Lisa Campana, Leona Ford, Brendan Stephens

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