I Earned $5 in Three Weeks from Fetch Rewards — Just for Scanning My Grocery Receipts!

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Want to make a little extra money from scanning your grocery receipts? Fetch Rewards is an app that allows you to earn free gift cards to Amazon, Panera, Barnes & Noble, and so much more — just for scanning your grocery receipts.

That’s right! All you have to do is open up the app and literally take a picture of your grocery store receipt and hit submit and you’ll get points back! You can cash in these points for fantastic gift cards to help you stretch your budget a little further OR be able to afford some fun splurges!

Here are 7 reasons why I have fallen in love with the Fetch Rewards app:

1. You Can Scan ANY Grocery Store Receipt

Any and all grocery store receipts qualify — including receipts from Aldi and Dollar Tree!

2. You Can Scan Up to 14 Receipts Per Week

This is great if you make multiple grocery shopping trips in a week or you save your receipts and then scan them all in at once (you have up to 14 days to scan in your receipt from the day you went shopping).

3. You Earn Points On Every Receipt

While they have various items you can purchase to earn bonus points, no matter what you bought, if you scan your receipt, you’ll get points just for scanning your receipt!

4. You Don’t Have to Mess With Scanning Bar Codes

Unlike some of the other rebate apps, you don’t have to mess with finding the offers and checking the boxes for them or scanning the barcodes on the individual items. You just scan your receipt, they automatically add the points to your account, and you’re done!

5. You Earn Bonus Points for Referring People

Fetch Rewards offers a great referral program and you can earn 2,000 points for every person you refer who signs up with your code and then scans a receipt. Spread the word about this great app and they’ll reward you for doing so!

6. You Don’t Have to Earn a Minimum Before Cashing Out

There’s no need to wait until you’ve hit a $25 payout with Fetch Rewards! As soon as you have 3,000 points, you can cash that in for a $3 Amazon, Panera, or Target gift card! When you hit 5,000 points, there are over 50 gift card rewards to choose from!

7. You Get the Gift Cards Almost Immediately!

Best of all, when you request a gift card reward, they will email it to you and give you access to it within a minute or two!

How Much I’ve Been Earning

I’ve heard that you typically earn more points in the beginning and then you earn fewer points the longer you’ve used the app. But hey, all points are free money in my book, so I’ll take them.

Right now, I’ve been earning the equivalent of at least $1.50 per week. It’s not a TON of money, but every little bit adds up! And since it only takes me seconds to scan my receipt, it’s so worth it!

My plan is to use the money I’m earning to purchase something that’s $5 or $8 from Amazon every other month to help stretch our $70 Grocery Budget just a little bit more. It would also be fun to set aside all of the money you’ve earned in a year and use it for Christmas gifts or one larger purchase.

Earn 2,000 Points When You Sign Up for Fetch Rewards

Want to join me in this fun journey to earning free gift cards just for scanning your grocery receipts? Sign up for Fetch Rewards and use code WW7XJ and you’ll get a bonus 2,000 points (worth $2).

Looking for other apps where you can earn money or gift cards for free? I recommend Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Swagbucks.


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