McDonald’s Gets Cheeky With Its Saucy Ad, Turns Into Sexual Innuendo In One Line

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McDonald’s UK has got some naughty action going on down at its Twitter that might leave family-friendly ‘Ronald McDonald’ less than thrilled.

This cheeky arm of the fast food chain got playful in a recent saucy GIF ad that came with the caption, “How does this make you feel?� It shows the hand of a customer consecutively dipping one ‘McNugget’ into three different types of its dipping sauces.

How does this make you feel? �

— McDonald's UK (@McDonaldsUK) May 2, 2018

While seemingly innocuous enough, this innocence came to an end after McDonald’s UK replied to Twitter user Joe Tasker’s blank face emojis with, “Gotta love a trip-dip…�

Even Jordan Parker’s tweet, “That’s a very sexual statement McDs,� didn’t faze the brand. “Don’t try and make this even saucier, Jordan,� it responded.

As Twitter user Laurie puts it, underneath all that red and yellow, “McDonald’s is honestly kinda kinky.�

Gotta love a trip-dip…

— McDonald's UK (@McDonaldsUK) May 6, 2018

Don’t try and make this even saucier, Jordan.

— McDonald's UK (@McDonaldsUK) May 6, 2018

McDonald’s is honestly kinda kinky

— â�‚ Laurie (@lauriecookeee) May 6, 2018

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