Nine Useful Social Media Marketing Stats: An Interactive Infographic Made with Venngage and ThingLink

Content marketing and social media are the top lead generation tactics for B2B marketers. Social media, both paid and organic, is viewed as a highly effective channel for content promotion and amplification, second only to organic search.

9 useful social media marketing statisticsThe infographic below, created by the team at Venngage, illustrates nine key statistics about social media marketing plus three key findings:

  • Both B2B buyers and consumers appreciate, and even expect, businesses to actively use social media.
  • Though marketers have embraced social media, many sales pros still struggle to use it effectively.
  • Social media use, and marketing, is increasingly visual and mobile.

As an example, infographics no longer have to be limited to static text and graphics. ThingLink has developed an editing tool that makes it easy to add pop-up boxes to any graphic, as demonstrated in this Interactive Guide to On-Page SEO.

The company’s new editing tool, currently in beta, expands the options for icons, text, images, and video in pop-ups, to turn static images into interactive experiences. Click on the icons in the image below for a preview.

The infographic concludes with three helpful recommendations for social media marketers:

  • A majority of Americans use more than one social network. So plan to have a brand presence on all of the top platforms, and use a social media monitoring tool to watch for questions, comments, and brand mentions across social networks.
  • Make sure your budget is suffient to cover all related social media marketing costs: content creation (including visual and video content), social media management, monitoring and analytics tools, and reporting.
  • Invest in training, so your team is able to make the best use of the tools and take an effective, strategic approach to social media marketing.

Here’s the full infographic from Venngage, which also recently published Five Steps to Build a Following with a Social Media Plan.

9 social media marketing stats you can use - infographic

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