The story of your corporate social responsibility initiative matters—here’s how to tell it in a unique way

The causes your organization advocates for are important. Whether you’re
championing education, fighting for gun reform, aiding in disaster relief
or speaking up in an effort to create a more diverse and inclusive
industry, your cause matters.

How you tell the story of these issues matters too. Securing donations,
volunteers, media coverage and social media followers all starts with
storytelling. Socially responsible organizations that produce results
should be able to tell great stories about their initiatives. These
organizations took unique approaches to CSR storytelling and it paid off.
Learn more about their work and how you can incorporate their strategies
into yours:

Adopt a brand activism approach

Brand activism requires that organizations champion social action. In
today’s political climate, there are many social issues you can get behind.
Brand activism requires authenticity in the messaging you put out involving
social issues. It shows your audience that the people in your organization
are facing the same issues they are. It also helps to build trust and shows
that your brand serves a greater purpose than selling product.

Thinx, the apparel and feminine hygiene brand behind leak-proof period
underwear, started a column on its blog called “This Week in Feminism” to highlight current events and politics through a feminist lens. This
content series fit perfectly into the existing blog and showed readers that
the brand was socially aware with the issues they’re concerned about.

Host an event

Events are a great way to gain media coverage or find donors for the cause
your organization is passionate about. Whether you host a gala, a talk
series or another kind of event, finding the right audience is key. Times Square Limited, a
high-end, 17-level mall in Hong Kong, was the perfect venue for an event
that earned high praise (and an award) from PR Daily.

The goal was to raise awareness of and financial support for Cantonese
opera. Interest in the art form, which includes elements of music, singing,
martial arts, acrobatics and acting, had waned. To reignite interest, Times
Square Limited brought it into its space as “artetainment,” which would be
seen by shoppers who could interact and engage with exhibits.

The exhibits and performances were seen by 3.3 million people. Ninety-five
percent of local publications and magazines covered the event, all of which
helped build interest among the younger audience, who shared photos and
posts across social media.

Produce a video

Video is everywhere, and it’s a great way to tell your CSR story in a
unique and shareable way. Bayer Crop Science took this approach when
promoting its social media campaign for the Feed A Bee initiative. Their
goal was to educate the public about the importance of bee health and show
how people can be part of the solution to the troubling decline in the bee

The video, which mixed animation with live footage, was viewed nearly
50,000 times. It earned the team an award in
PR Daily’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

Partner with a nonprofit or local business

Forming a partnership with a local business or nonprofit is essential to a
community affairs initiative. Find an organization that’s keyed into the
community you want to provide aid to, and use your resources to give back.

found great success by partnering with a Washington, D.C.-based black-owned
barbershop. Its goal was to decrease rates of colorectal cancer in the
black community by encouraging men to get regular screenings. This
grassroots effort helped to start an important conversation, and even
earned significant media attention. The initiative was covered by
The Washington Post, local news stations and national affiliates.

Do you have a sustainability, education, environmental or diversity
initiative you’d like recognized? Enter PR Daily’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards.

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