Topman Debuts ‘Legit’ Gucci Knockoff T-Shirt At 6% The Original’s Price

Images via Gucci and Topman

At US$550, it’s no wonder that Gucci’s ‘Coco Capitán’ logo t-shirt has inspired many a bootleg—but what if you want to save your dollars without the added cost of guilt? Topman has got your back.

Diet Prada, an Instagram account that prides in spotting fashion imitations, recently uploaded a photo story alerting fans about Topman’s copycat version of the coveted t-shirt—and it’s “legit,” so you’ll feel less of that tug of conscience.

The original Gucci t-shirt reads, “Common sense is not that common,” in handwritten letters over the brand’s vintage logo. Topman’s creation—which was just released last week—spells, “LEGIT” in serif letters that are not unlike Gucci’s font. There’s even a cheeky red and green tab underneath that punctuates its stance as a knockoff.

Topman’s tee is also marked with the word, “REAL,” because it might be a replica, but it’s an original replica. As if that wasn’t clear enough, the phrase, “Accept no imitations,” lines the base of the t-shirt’s print.

The best thing is that the ‘Legit’ apparel will only take US$35 out of your budget—that’s 94-percent cheaper than the Gucci top. You can get the knockoff for real over at Topman.

Gucci’s ‘Coco Capitán’ logo t-shirt. image via Gucci

Image via Topman

Image via Topman

[via Diet Prada, images via various sources]


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