Doritos Debuts ‘Jurassic’ Chips For Those With Dinosaur-Sized Appetites

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Instead of a bag that’s filled with half air and half chips, how about a full-sized chip with no air?

Frito-Lay teases Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with its debut of giant ‘Jurassic Doritos’ that are 18 times the size of a regular chip. According to testers at Bustle, they’re “about knee-high.�

The campaign is accompanied with a movie-like commercial starring the film franchise’s ‘Dr Henry Wu’, portrayed by B.D. Wong, who watches his dinosaur-Doritos hybrid experiment hatch out of an egg, only for it to be eaten by his colleague.

The packaging might be even cooler than the mammoth chip itself—the snack is encased in a custom prop egg that is placed in a special ‘Jurassic Doritos’ tin.

There’s dust around the edible chip—but don’t worry, it’s not because it’s as old as a fossil. Rather, it’s nacho cheese-flavored.

It’s going to be quite a pricey snack, though. Doritos is auctioning the chip on eBay, and at time of publish, it touts a bid price of US$1,100—but it’s for a great, dinosaur-sized cause. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to support people affected by storms and other crises.

If that’s too expensive, fret not. Doritos has also rolled out a range of smaller Jurassic World-themed chips on Amazon.

Image via Jurassic Doritos

Image via Jurassic Doritos

Image via Jurassic Doritos

Image via Jurassic Doritos

[via SYFY, video via Doritos, images via Doritos]


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