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Hi Reddit,

This is my first desktop app (developed and primarily used on Ubuntu). You can find it here – https://janusworkspace.com

Janus Workspace Desktop takes on a different approach to browsing. It allows you to open as many windows as you like in every tab and navigate easily between them.

All windows opened within Janus Workspace share the same session. Meaning you can log in with a certain account once and use the same login in Janus. If you want a separate session, sort of a persistent Incognito you can open such windows as well. It is really useful for monitoring several ad campaigns for different profiles. It supports a huge amount of regular browser functionalities and shortcuts ->https://janusworkspace.com/#features You can find Janus Twitter account at https://twitter.com/JanusWorkspace and here is a simple usage example

If you want to try it out – I have added a special user for Reddit – username is Reddit and password is reddit.

No usage statistics are kept in the application. The only user data that is being kept in it is your registration info. All login details that you use in it are out of Janus's reach. Google Analytics statistic is anonymous and can be stopped from the settings menu.

Also – there is a chrome extension version that is rather limited due to the chrome enviroment. For more functionalities check the desktop version of Janus. If you want a ligther more limited version, the chrome extension is just for you 🙂 -> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/janus-workspace-new-tab/ibjjadloomfnfbkpdbeiddncgdepdhin

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