Faulty MacBook Pro battery removed, now it’s behaving strangely

MacBook Pro 15 inch, Retina, Late 2013 macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 (17F77)


My MacBook Pro's battery has been swelling up slowly for the past year and it recently started pushing against the trackpad making it work erratically, so I had to get it removed by a non-Apple repair shop (Apple quoted me 620 USD for the battery replacement so they can go suck some balls).

The repair shop doesn't have a replacement battery so I have to use it without the battery until they can order one, which is going to take about a month.

Before, I had also enabled the checkmark to "ignore built in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present" so that I can bypass the trackpad when it's randomly clicking things by plugging in my Wacom tablet. But now that my trackpad finally works since the battery is gone, I want to disable that checkmark as I want to use my Wacom and my trackpad at the same time. Except I can't find the checkmark! It's gone from where it's supposed to be. Is there a way to "uncheck" it via Terminal?

Strangely, in System Preferences, it says there is no trackpad detected (see screenshots) even though the trackpad works perfectly when my Wacom isn't plugged in.

I also agreed that they do a dust cleanup while they're in there as well as re-apply thermal paste which is known to dry up in Apple products. Hopefully that didn't mess anything up further.

I notice that the machine is being quite slow. Rendering in DaVinci Resolve doesn't even cause the fans to spin loudly, when they normally do. A 30 minute render is taking 2 hours.

But another weird thing is that in "About this Mac", the Serial number shows as "Unavailable".

Did the techs mess something up in the machine? Could it be that without a battery, the serial number can't be read or something? Could the lack of battery be causing the OS to think this is an iMac or something, thus it refuses to display the settings that belong to the built in trackpad?

Also, the repair shop said they can only order non-genuine batteries, since Apple does not sell their batteries individually to 3rd party repair shops. Is it a good idea to use a non-genuine battery? I mean, what does iFixit do, don't they sell batteries too? Aren't those non-genuine too? I don't get it.

Anyway, to summarize, here are the questions I'd love answered:

  • Why am I seeing no serial number in About this mac?
  • Why can't I see a trackpad in System Preferences even though the trackpad works?
  • How can I tell the OS to uncheck the "Ignore trackpad input when a mouse is present" checkmark when the checkmark is no longer visible, but the behavior is still there?
  • Why is my machine being very slow?
  • Can the non-Apple batteries be trusted? Can I or repair shops even acquire genuine Apple batteries at all?


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