New ‘JPEG XL’ Format Lets You Store 2X As Many Photos, Mimics PNG’s Transparency

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Now in its 25th year, the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) has introduced a couple of new formats to support the mobile-forward era. One of the file types is ‘JPEG XS’, a “visually lossless” version that claims to consume less power when streaming images and videos via VR, AR, drones, live-streams, and self-driving cars even over 5G or Wi-Fi networks.

The company has also announced that it is working on ‘JPEG XL’, a format that supposedly reduces photo file sizes by at least 60 percent, which means you could soon be able to store more than twice as many photos you have in your phone.

Aside from freeing up gigabytes, ‘JPEG XL’ might also be able to take other attributes of existing image standards, such as transparency, the ability to be animated using multiple frames, and HDR capabilities that help capture bright and dark details.

‘JPEG XL’ might not be the only all-encompassing format to be able to accomplish these things, though. Leading tech companies Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Netflix, and more, are hot on the heels of the JPEG committee with their own projects for image and video compression formats.

JPEG is currently seeking proposals from royalty-free image coding tool providers who can help fulfill these objectives, so the new file type might still be a little ways down the road. You can stay updated about the format’s progress here.

[via CNET, cover image via Shutterstock]


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