NVIDIA’s New AI Makes Slow-Motion Videos Even More Seamless Than Usual

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Video screenshot via NVIDIA

NVIDIA’s recent projects have somehow made AI seem more fun and intriguing. This year alone, it announced its own powerful version of Photoshop’s ‘Content-Aware Fill’ tool that realistically patches broken images, as well as a feature that easily pastes a visual style of a photo to another. Both would effectively simplify life for creative professionals if they were included in editing programs.

Now, the tech company has introduced an AI that turns videos into seriously smooth slow-motion footage.

Typically, high quality slow-motion videos require special equipment and considerable storage space. If you record one from your phone, it’s likely to turn out choppy.

NVIDIA’s tool doesn’t leverage these less accessible materials. After being fed with “11,000 videos of everyday and sports activities shot at 240 frames-per-second,” it has learned to predict and create extra frames to fill in the gaps for more fluid, sharper videos.

The team also borrowed clips from YouTube Channel The Slow Mo Guys to illustrate the impressive capabilities of this tool. Watch the video below to see it at work.

Video screenshot via NVIDIA

[via TNW, video and screenshots via NVIDIA]


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