Women in Tech: From A Woman Engineer’s Perspective – Join the Conversation

I’ve been an engineer in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years and currently work as a Systems Engineer at F5 Networks. The industry has evolved considerably over my tenure; imagine having to go to the library to look through card indexes and check out books on networking to learn how to install one.

Since then, I’ve worked in large corporate environments going on quietly about my work and enjoying a great career.  However, through evolution after evolution of networking technologies I’ve noticed something missing. While the world is increasingly connecting people and ‘things,’ the connection that still hasn’t been made is plugging more women into technology. Fellow female colleagues are just as hard to find now as when I first started, sometimes even harder.

What drives women away from tech – especially as they grow older? Is this a circular problem?  The less women there are the less women want to join? Is it a problem that corporate America doesn’t accommodate the childbearing years? Is it that every serious, logical, and hardworking woman is labeled bossy? Battling this unconscious bias of coworkers and managers day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and decade after decade can get old and exhausting.

One thing that can address all the above problems is quite simple. Get involved in local community tech groups and invite more logical minded women to join. Test out a career in tech with a solid support group behind you. We can turn technology into less of a mystery and more of an addressable, maintainable career. Tech is not reserved for the super nerdy guy. It’s open to anyone who loves solving problems and lifelong learning.

Join me on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 10:30AM CDT and let’s increase the ranks of women in tech simply by creating a friendlier, more open community that focuses on including women to help master technologies and bring a different perspective to solving the tech problems.


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