x.ai wins CogX best AI product award

If you’ve ever been curious what I might look like accepting an award, please indulge in the epicness of my victory pose below.

Sure, I got a little excited, and perhaps I had one too many Red Bulls to counteract the jet lag, but you gotta lean into your wins as an entrepreneur! However, Amy + Andrew winning “Best AI Product in Virtual Agents” at the CogX awards in London this past week was about more than snagging a beautiful piece of hardware for our software.

It was a validation of the hard work our team has been doing for four years to build our AI scheduling assistants and the features that make them great. More importantly, it’s an affirmation that what we’ve built provides value beyond simply being a hypeworthy technical achievement.

Let me explain.

On my flight home, I was catching up on my reading and came across a pretty solid article from Growthbots titled “Chatbots were the next big thing: what happened?” You might think I’d have cried “bullshit!” to a cabin of fellow jetsetters in the cheap seats.

It actually produced the opposite effect. It made me humbled and even more proud of our accomplishment.

Despite how many perceive the tech world, future shifts don’t emerge overnight: it’s a slow evolution as the larger population determines what technology is useful, and what isn’t. In that regard, the Growthbot article is correct: the hype around chatbots and conversational AI has died down. But here’s why that’s validating, not upsetting—the reason we put in the effort we do has never been about chasing buzzwords or keeping up with trends.

No, we want to genuinely solve a real, tangible business problem. AI just happens to be the most efficient way to do it, and as we know from experience, it works better when we simultaneously commit to collaborative humanity to support our AI. Because of that, the award, particularly at this moment, symbolizes the work we’ve put in to achieve that, and lets us know we’re on the right track to building something that sticks.

From ensuring what we make is always rooted in delivering empirical ROI, to innovating for the teams that use us, to constantly challenging ourselves on how better to serve our guests (even when they’re not users), the only obsolescence we’re concerned with is that of the hassle of scheduling meetings.

Sometimes this requires concessions on my part, like understanding that providing a UI experience for guests is simply a necessary option for non-users. Even when that stands at odds with the futurist in me, you don’t win a “Best AI Agent” award (or stick around in this industry) simply for the promise of your tech; you do it by delivering your technical breakthroughs in ways that are practical and enduring.

Enough ruminating. Pass me the Red Bull. I another victory pose coming on!

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