Advice needed on interim type of sales work for myself; SaaS founder/Salesperson thats had a fair amount of success in my 8+ years

Hello to all of my hustling counterparts!

Due to some indifferences a fellow founder and I didn't come to terms with for me to stay on, I am stepping away from my SaaS startup amidst a round that was just raised and enterprise account I closed. I run all sales and marketing solo and have been in that kind of position at a startup for the past 3 years (8 years of sales/management experience in all). Summer 2019 I plan to raise money and start my own venture, however, I live in San Francisco and need to work in the interim – obviously. I really specialize in building and scaling sales/marketing processes from nothing.

The advice Im looking for is over the next 8-12 months what are some ideas that pay well for accomplished salespeople that dont involve very longterm commitments past the contract.

Its an interesting place I am in at the moment because the last 8+ years I havent stopped working, had a ton of success at levels of all types of companies, but now am in a place where I want to work full time but at the contract level. Ive been checking contract roles for sales on all the job boards, and reaching out to startup CEO's, generally they want full time though. What else are some options or ideas people may have here, thank you!

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