This Week in Spring – Only Infotech19th, 2018

Hi Spring fans! Welcome to another wonderful and wild This Week in Spring! This week I’m in Amsterdam, NL (visiting customers); London, UK (for both the London Java Community Java User Group talk and the SpringOne Tour event); Paris, FR (for the first JHipster Conf); Krakow, PL (for Devoxx Poland) and then it’s off to Sao Paolo, BR (for the Spring Connect show). If you’re in any of those places, say hi!

  • Spring Cloud Finchley.RELEASE is available. This is the big one! It’s finally here! The final piece of the reactive puzzle. This release culminates an almost year long journey from Spring Framework 5 (released in September of 2017) which introduced the world of Spring to reactive programming. Then we saw Spring Data Kay, Spring Cloud Stream, Spring Security 5, Spring Boot 2 (just a few months ago) and now, finally, Spring Cloud Finchley all embrace reactive programming wherever it makes sense. Spring Framework 5 is the new baseline and with it comes a new Java baseline requirement; Spring Cloud Finchley assumes Java 8 or better. This release is not just a refresh, though! Furthest thing from it! This release also includes two (effectively) brand new projects called Spring Cloud Function and Spring Cloud Gateway. Spring Cloud Function supports serverless programming and Spring Cloud Gateway is an API Gateway.
  • Sprinf IO Platform lead Andy Wilkinson has just announced Spring IO Platform Cairo SR2
  • Not one to rest on his laurels, Andy Wilkinson also just announced Spring IO Platform Brussels SR11
  • Brian Clozel published the following Spring Framework-related CVEs!
  • Brian Clozel has just announced Spring Boot 2.0.3
  • Stéphane Nicoll has just announced Spring Boot 1.5.14
  • Simon Baslé has just announced the Reactor Bismuth-SR10 release.
  • Spring Session Apple SR3 Released
  • Mark Paluch announced Spring Data Ingest SR13 and Spring Data Key SR8
  • Spring Cloud Stream ninja Soby Chacko has some nice examples demonstrating partitioning
  • Spring Cloud Stream Ditmars.SR4 Released
  • Spring Security 5.0.6 and 4.2.7 Released
  • Spring Cloud Pipelines 1.0.0.M8 Released
  • Spring Frameworks 5.0.7 and 4.3.18 are available now
  • In last week’s Spring Tips, we looked at the brand new Spring Fu project. Spring Fu is an experiment where we investigate options for a Kotlin-first and functional configuration-centric approach to microframeworks. It is also really fast. Try it out!
  • Spring community legend Michael Simons has a nice post on how to use JUnit 5 with Spring Boot for unit and integration tests
  • This is a wonderful post by Martin Deinum on the structure of the ApplicationContext, and how the various kinds of “configuration” are supported in Spring. This is an absolutely golden post and I’m so happy to see someone talking about these often overlooked details.
  • This post by Okta Developer Advocate Matt Raible details how to secure a Spring Boot and Angular PWA application as a single artifact
  • Spring Data Geode/Gemfire lead John Blum has a fantastic example of using Spring Data Geode/Gemfire to build a sample application. Check it out
  • Check out the new release of the Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot. This release supports Spring Boot 2.x, improved documentation and improved JMX Actuator support.
  • Check out this new cf CLI plugin to plugin to enable pushing artifacts to cloud foundry by maven coordinates
  • Tricks with ‘var’ and anonymous classes (that you should never use at work) – blog@CodeFX
  • Did you miss Spring I/O 2018 in Barcelona, Spain? (If so, why?) Check out this recap post
  • The Java Revisited blog has a nice post on why every developer should use Spring to build REST APIs
  • I really liked this post on user impersonation with Spring Security
  • Our very own Toshiaki Maki put together a really cool demo that Spring Boot 2 and iText (OpenPDF) and AbstractPdfStamperView to create a .PDF template


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