I have made an app for you. See your AirPods battery health and more!

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I have made an app for you. See your AirPods battery health and more!

Pod Magician

Recently i was just curious about my AirPods Battery Health after using this device for more than 1 year. Then i decided(like every programmer) to make an app for this. On the programming road i have added some extra features that i found necessary like:

  • Connect your AirPods with a single keyboard shortcut or just single right click.
  • See your Airpods battery life without going to Bluetooth Menu.
  • Get notified when battery gets lower than your desired amount.
  • Dark mode support!
  • Most importantly battery health estimation.

Battery health estimation should be visible after 120 Minutes of active usage in regular cases. It's going to improve accuracy by more usage since i cannot get the data directly from the device. I made an algorithm that analysis connection quality, codec that used by AirPods,Primary AirPod and more. With this way i can estimate your battery degradation quite close. I can say there can be a +- %5 difference after 5 hours of use. In 10 hours of usage this can be low as +- %2. If you are a student and need promo codes just reach to me. I can give promo codes(Sadly Apple limits this for up to 100) for fellow students like me so they can use that 2.99 $ for pizza, beer or whatever they like! Sadly due to limitations of iOS this is just for macOS. Contact r/celaldogankaya if you need promo codes.


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