Oreo Debuts Battered ‘State Fair’ Cookies Made To Taste Deep-Fried

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Image via Walmart

Is there anything better than an Oreo cookie? Well, there is: an artery-clogging, deep-fried one.

Oreo is debuting ‘State Fair’ versions of its offerings—crunchy, battered chocolate sandwich cookies—that let you harness the carnival spirit without stepping out of your home.

You’ll soon be able to find boxes of these calorific desserts at your supermarket’s frozen aisle, and while it’s not stated, the cookies’ name implies that they’re meant to taste like they’re deep-fried, just like the ones you get at state fairs.

You’ll also be tempted to get more than one box, since Oreo made two ‘State Fair’ flavors: a ‘Chocolate Crunch’ one and a ‘Vanilla Crunch’ one.

If you’re one of those who visits these summer-fall gatherings just for the food, you might be delighted to know that these boxes will arrive at Walmart pretty soon. Just think of all the warm, crisp cookies and melty crème fillings you can wallop at home without having to deep-fry anything yourself.

Whooooa… my bad…posted the Oreo State Fair Vanilla and didn’t realize there’s a chocolate one too! One has Vanilla Crunch on the outside – this one has Chocolate Crunch. Are you going to pick one or try both? I’m making room in my freezer as we speak. Found on Walmarts website- release should be very soon. 🙏🏻. @markie_devo Happy Deep Fried Oreo hunting! 👀. #oreo #oreostatefair #oreostatefairchocolatecrunch #ididntknowthereweretwoflavors #deepfriedoreos #fairfood #walmart #fairfoodinyourfreezer #markiedevo #oreoking #brooklynoreo #nosummerbodyforme #deepfriedeverything

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