Our Core Values: We Are Linux Academy!

“Core values are not just words that you stick on a wall,” core values are a big part of why we do what we do here at Linux Academy.

We recently took a hard look at our Core Values and together as a company, we rediscovered them. We settled on a set of core values that we feel truly represents us: the ones that really resonate with our culture, our brand, our identity, and our community. 

These core values represent the culture that we want to create and be a part of, and so at Linux Academy, we now have five core values that we live by. They affect everything we do, and we love them. As the very best qualities of our team, we live these core values. We use them to make better decisions that drive us to create the best platform for our community. 

These are:

    We support others in their mission to learn and grow.
    We are committed to changing the world by changing lives.
    We believe in the curiosity to learn, the vulnerability to try, the persistence to succeed, and the strength of community.
    We put our students’ futures first.
    We dedicate ourselves to pushing the boundaries of online learning.

We’re a passionate team of individuals dedicated to changing the world. We always have been.

We are Linux Academy. Join us in changing the world.

See how our core values impact our team and as a result, impact our students to change the world.

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