Canned Burgers Might Appeal To Anyone Who Thinks Fast Food Is Too Slow

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Video screenshots via Taras Kul

Need a burger, stat? Perhaps you’re fearing for a post-apocalyptic era where fast food restaurants are few and far behind. Either way, it might be wise to stock up on canned burgers.

Russian YouTuber Taras Kul recently stumbled upon “trekking” burgers, which are basically the fast food essentials stuffed in cans. Keen to know what they were like, Kul purchased two flavors to give them a taste.

The first can revealed a smushed burger that was unsettlingly slimy. Kul deduced that it had gone bad, so he put it away.

The second burger was paler, but it didn’t look like it was way past its prime. While Kul said it didn’t taste horrible, it wasn’t amazing either. He likened its patty to “paper” or a smaller piece of bread between the two burger buns.

“I don’t know why they would [make this]. I guess it’s a survival food.”

Understandably, Kul refrained from swallowing the burger because he didn’t want his tummy to get upset.

If you’re gutsy enough to try a burger-in-a-can, you can purchase a variation from outdoor adventure retailer ASMC. There’s also a gag version on Amazon that’s not safe for eating, but would probably work as a souvenir far into the future.

Video screenshot via Taras Kul

Video screenshot via Taras Kul

[via Taras Kul]

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