HUGE List of FREE Homeschool Curriculum & Resources (38 freebies!)


This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

General Homeschool Resources

Are Your Kids Wasting Time on Electronics? Use these three questions to determine if screen time is productive or not productive for your homeschoolers.

10 Tips To Help Sell Last Year’s Homeschool Curriculum – For some of us, without selling our old curriculum, there is no wiggle room to get the curriculum we need for the following year. Use these ten tips to help you sell your old curriculum.

How We Homeschool Through the Summer – Get some insight on how this one family homeschools during the summer. An amazing benefit to homeschooling is that you do what works best for your family.

How Video Games Endanger Academics and What to Do Instead – If you’ve been wondering if your child’s obsession with video games could be called an addiction, the World Health Organization announced that yes, it really is possible.

Morning Basket Printables & Ideas – Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschooling – When you have multiple children or kids of all ages, morning time can be a fun time that everyone can look forward to. You can even enjoy your coffee and cozy up in your jammies!

Language Arts Resources

FREE Spelling Dictionary – If your child can use help with spelling, then don’t miss out on the My Spelling Dictionary freebie. You can personalize/customize the spelling dictionary for any grade or subject.

FREE Cursive Handwriting Worksheets – Get some help in teaching cursive handwriting with these free cursive handwriting worksheets. This freebie pack has two levels of practice worksheets.

FREE Early Learning Resources

Awesome Independence Day DIY Water Table – This patriotic water table with red, white, and blue activities will be a hit this Independence Day.

Bug Notebooking Pages – If you have a bug lover or if you intend on having a bug unit anytime soon you are going to love these notebooking pages.

Sensory Squish Bags – Sensory squish bags provide the perfect mess-free quiet time sensory activity for your young learner.

FREE Handwriting Worksheets for Kids – Grab these handwriting worksheets for kids using first grade sentences.

FREE Roll and Color Math Games – This amazing list of roll and color math games are an engaging way to help your homeschoolers practice a wide variety of math skills in a very fun, hands-on way.

5 Favorite Early Learning Resources Plus Freebies – Preschool and early elementary are my favorite years to homeschool! There are so many fun resources you can use to teach phonics, reading, handwriting, and more!

Science & Math Resources

34 Online Science Games, Videos, and Educational Tools – Enhance your science studies with fun online games, videos, and more.

Sand Science Experiments and Activities – Are you looking for some fun activities to keep your kids busy this summer?

FREE Baseball 3-Digit Addition Game – Kids will love challenging each other and scoring runs while practicing their addition skills with this free 3-digit baseball addition game.

FREE Graphing Printables and Activities – Bar graphs are a lot of fun to teach your little one how to “read” and interpret.

How to Teach Multiplication and Division with LEGO Bricks – Check out this fun and hands on way to teach multiplication and division with LEGO bricks.

30+ FREE Anatomy and Human Body Resources – Explore over 30 free anatomy and human body resources for all ages. This resource has a ton of free printables, unit studies and even some videos and games.

Sir Cumference Living Math Books for Homeschoolers – 15 FREE Resources to go with the Books (PLUS WIN THE ENTIRE SET!) – Often times children struggle with math concepts that keep them from progressing, such as times tables or fractions. Sometimes taking a break and reading a living math book is the answer!

Math Curriculum for Options Homeschoolers – There are so many different types of math curriculum for homeschoolers: online math, DVD/CD-Rom math, math workbooks, hands-on math with manipulatives, living math (Charlotte Mason inspired), and more. You can even find consumer math, financial literacy math, Biblical stewardship math, and websites that have free math worksheets and games.

History & Geography Resources

17 Books About Colonial America Your Homeschoolers Will Love – When studying this time period in history, there are so many activities, craft, and learning opportunities you can incorporate into your studies.

Betsy Ross and the American Flag- FREE Unit Study Resources – Check out a few fun and educational printables and activities to create a mini unit study about Ms. Betsy Ross and the American Flag.

Geography Books For Your Homeschool – There are so many great books for history and geography that you can use to supplement your homeschool studies.

FREE Date Dash Kenya-Kenyan History Card Game – Test your knowledge of the history of Kenya with this free printable card game. All thirty-one questions include two levels of difficulty, so it’s perfect for middle school or high school.

Make a Coat of Arms Activity (Middle Ages History) – Use this easy hands-on middles ages history activity for making a coat of arms alongside your lesson. Your kids will love making their own coat of arms.

Master World Geography in 7 Months or Less – Check out this easy and effective way for your homeschool to learn world geography in 7 months or less with the free ebook Globalmania.

Living Geography Book Series: If You Were Me and Lived in… With each book covering a different nation, these books open up a world of wonder while highlighting the fact that underneath it all we are far more alike than we might have imagined.

Immerse Your Kids in History with the If You Lived… Series – The role of children in the historic events is emphasized so that your kids can really relate to the descriptions and feel some connection with the people of that period.

Unit Studies, Fine Arts Freebies, & Electives

How to Plan a Simple Unit Study – Learn three simple steps to planning a simple unit study for your young learners.

FREE Summer Beach Coloring Pages – Print out this set of summer coloring pages with a beach theme for your homeschool this season.

100+ FREE Unit Studies for Homeschooling – Check out 100+ free unit studies for homeschooling for your loved ones next year.

FREE Character-Building Resources

How to Develop Godly Character as a Mom – Use these biblical motherhood tips and Christian parenting tips for help with becoming a godly mom.

Great Books to Inspire Great Moms – Sometimes moms could use some inspiration to keep us going, to give us encouragement, to tell us truth or to get us out of a slump.

Ultimate Summer Reading List for Weary Moms Giveaway – Summer is finally here! Time to put away the schoolbooks and do some reading of your own. If you’re feeling weary and in need of some spiritual rest and replenishment this summer, check out the Ultimate Summer Reading List for Weary Moms Giveaway.

Easy Ideas for Teaching Multi Age Bible Lessons – Try these 3 simple tips for adapting bible lesson curriculum to suit your mixed age group. This is the perfect children’s Sunday School curriculum solution for small churches with multiple ages in one classroom, or for your homeschool.

What to Do When Your Children Won’t Stop Fighting – Kids can fight with one another and argue over everything under the sun. Teaching our kids to get along with one another can be a huge challenge.

Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschooling resources, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.


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